Graham Webster

Graham Webster

Graham has spent his entire working career in the Australian advertising industry working with major multi-national and Australian marketers. He has spent the majority of his working life as a media specialist in both full service agencies  and media agencies. His director level experience at within these companies has  imbued Graham with an intimate knowledge of Agency structures and operations. His company, Enth Degree, which he manages with his business partner Peter Coffey, commenced operations in 2007.

Enth Degree and provides a range of services to many of Australia’s major marketers.

Enth Degree services include:

  • Media Buying Performance analysis
  • Remuneration Benchmarking and Modelling
  • Service Agreement Analysis and Development
  • Cost Control and Compliance Auditing

….. and of course

  • Pitch Management

Graham has observed across has many years in the industry, that while technology and ongoing societal change is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, the basic needs and expectations of business has not…something that sometimes Agencies tend to overlook.