Lottie Laws

Lottie started the first part of her career journey in the UK. After graduating from the University of Leeds, she started out planning/buying on the agency side, before moving on to lead a marketing team brand-side at British heritage brand Mulberry.

Lottie then spent 3 years at Apple (London) leading Paid Marketing for Apple Services across 18 International markets. She was able to indulge love for music and movies working across all content types.

Lottie moved out to Sydney with her (also Brit) husband and embarked upon a 6.5 year journey at Twitter. There, she held sales leadership roles in the Mid Market team for 3 years, before leading the Product Specialists for ~3.5 years. Having grown the Twitter team from a scrappy start up to an established challenger business, she’s excited to get back into a scale/growth company mindset.